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Note: As of August 2013, shows of little fernwood gallery will no longer be posted on this page. All of the below are now also posted on the lfg website Subsequent shows and archives will be posted there.


Ilyanna Jones "A Wonderful World" November 2010

Group Show "Return of the Light" December 2010

Group Show "Art of the Matter" January 2011

Rose Currie "Lemon - Art After Cancer" March 2011

Arya Hawker "Arousal - Expression - Experience" April 2011

Jean Oliver "The Roots of Reason" May 2011

Group Show "Art In Motion" June 2011

Marlowe Jaxen "Stillness of a Moment" July 2011

Adem Spiller October 2011

Laurence Beal "Mandala Respite" October 2011

3 For The Road November 2011

Kaye Collins and Jessica Stepushyn
"Light Works" January 2012

Clive Beal "The Lands of Beal" February 2012

Dennis Shields "Reclaimed" March 2012

Bill Goers "Paintings and Drawings" March 2012

Ilyanna Jones "My Flight Home" April 2012

Devorah Stone "Rockets and Roses" May 2012

Group Show "Summer In Fernwood" June 2012

Peter Goodman "Peter's Portrait's" August 2012

Leah Craig "The Enlightened Canvas" September 2012

Manuel Polo "Letter In Time, Time In Number" October 2012

Iva Jelovina "Arrival" October - November 2012

Group Show "Finding The Future" November - December 2012

Group Show "The Women I Know " January 2013

Gwen Nesbitt "An Alternate Vision " February 2013

Steven Aleck "We're Not Alone " March 2013
(there is no online gallery for this show)

James Roney "Anticipation" Mar. 30 - Apr. 18 2013

Lidia Kondratiuk April 2013

Garth Edgar May 2013

Group Show "Rosie & Gertrude " June 2013

Jessica Stepushyn July 2013